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18th july 2017

iOS and macOS app you will love to use. And a little bit more.

Simple memory game for kids.

Completely free.

QR Rabbit

Fast and stylish QR generator and scanner.

Allows you to easily generate QR code for links, contacts, events, locations and plain text. This QR code can further be styled by changing colors, shapes and inserting pictures either in the middle or to the background of the QR code.

Application supports force touch and app extensions to allow you to create QR code from within other application in almost no time.

Simple halftoning program. Developed as
a school project for Computer Arts course.

Created as a practical part of bachelor thesis, this program can create image mosaics using different algorithms. There are many preferences and possibilities for creating the best illusion of image mosaic.


Medical records tracker. Simple, yet powerful tool for keeping records of your patients, whether you are working in a small practice or a big hospital.

Free to use, with exporting and printing possibilities unlocked with
a small fee.

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